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Thursday 24th December 2015
07:00 pm

A Single Shot

Join the cast,  Robert Dreghorn, otherwise known as BOB THE DRAGON,  his sister Elizabeth Dreghorn in the year 1793,  where they live,  Gt Clyde Street,  Glasgow.  There of course will also be The Baillie of the Gorbals,  James Orr,  and mention of William Cunninghame,  the great Tobacco Merchant.   The very pretty Mary Hill will be there,  as indeed will be hear of her younger and even prettier sister Bethany. These are though,  unhappy times,  and there are tales afoot, of something altogether amiss !  Do beware,  and have your wits about you, as someone will be murdered....................... who will it be?. Alas, come join us and you will find out! Who did it, why and how did they do it will be for you and your team to find out. 

For the drama itself, our characters will simply conduct the plot throughout the course of the meal. The characters will interact with the tables and I should point out that guests should observe.. Importantly, once the victim has been killed - the format of the night is that to help you in your quest a table of clues will be set out Once all teams have had a chance to look at the clues, we will ask our characters to be seated at their table, and questions can be asked of them.


A prize will be allocated to the winning team.


* Bubbly and canapes on arrival

* 3 Course Dinner

* Tea & Coffee

* Murder Mystery Entertainment

* Disco Entertainment

Party Night commences 7pm for 7.30pm for meal service

Carriages should be booked for 12.30pm

Open Plan Seating on Night